Cement for bone healing has been created

Specialists from Germany have created a unique material that can fasten bones. The material is capable of self-healing and bone formation.

 German scientists from the Friedrich Schiller University of Jena and the University of Würzburg have created a cement for bonding bones that can self-repair. The material is developed on the basis of calcium phosphate and cement reinforced with carbon fibers, writes Scientific Reports.

The fibers make the cement more stable and allow the cracks to tighten on their own. Also, calcium phosphate cement stimulates bone formation and ensures the growth of blood vessels. Cement in the form of a paste is injected into the body, for example, by injection.

Experts emphasize that implants made of new material do not need repair or replacement.

The material has already been successfully tested. The authors believe that the cement created by them will be widely used in the production of bone implants, including for the replacement of supporting elements of the skeleton.

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