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About the male sex hormones will tell oral cavity

Unexpected results suggest the relationship between male sex hormones and oral. The unique discovery was published in the American Journal of Physical Anthropology.

This question led scientists to do more frequent diagnosis - low testosterone levels.

However, while the study was conducted on monkeys. But scientists believe that our closest relatives from the animal kingdom are able to shed light on human health and its features. The work, published experts pointed out that the lack of testosterone caused in monkeys peryodontalnuyu disease.

Qian weights and Paul Dow, authors of the study, study performance macaques. In all castrated males showed signs of periodontitis and other dental problems that were much more obvious and serious than in males of the same age, retained reproductive function. At first glance, it seems that modern man is not in danger, but it is worth mentioning that every seventh man has cancer of prostate. You can not also rule out cases of surgical interventions in the male reproductive system. Dr. Dehou notes that even the less extreme form of loss of testosterone can affect the body. And given the fact that such a diagnosis, a low level of testosterone in these men put increasingly, this study will help physicians make early complete picture of the health of the patient.

Doctors have long known that many human body tissues are sensitive to hormones. But to this day has been studied only the relationship of estrogen and oral health. Therefore, this study is unique and requires further study.

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