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Writing by hand makes us smarter

Tablets, laptops and smart phones are gradually replacing paper notebooks on the margins of history, but recent studies American psychologists have shown that writing by hand - it is useful for our brains.

When writing on paper, we perceive new information more easily and facilitate the learning process.

According to the results of the experiment conducted by psychologists at Princeton and the University of California (USA), a group of students, leading handwritten notes during lectures, he exceeded the participants on performance, which led his notes using a laptop.

Testing of 67 volunteers was conducted immediately after the lecture, and after 7 days. To prepare the students offered to use their accounts. Compared with those who prefer a keyboard and monitor, fans of the "antiquated abstracts" faster and easier to accept new ideas, better remember the information and retain it longer in the memory.

According to experts, written notes better stimulate thinking, capturing both the imagination and logic. Although the time of writing on paper person writes the words is less than 1.5, it selects the receptive language information considering intensively, whereby without difficulty be able to recall it, if necessary.

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