Prediction: In this century, dying one billion people in the world due to smoking

Experts agree that smoking is the only real epidemic of the XX century. It claimed the lives of 100 million people. And by 2100, the number of deaths expected to grow tenfold, notes The New Daily.

But the situation can change. Statistics, however, is disappointing. If tobacco use rates are falling in developed countries, in China, Indonesia, India and Vietnam are, by contrast, are growing. Meanwhile, two-thirds of smokers die from the consequences of tobacco consumption. In this connection, it should be all over the world to distribute high taxes on tobacco and a ban on branded packs of cigarettes. It has been proven that it helps to discourage smokers. Moreover, these measures allow significant savings for health systems. For example, now spend US $ 180 billion a year for treatment of diseases caused by tobacco. And in the near future expenditure only increase.

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