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Genetically modified fish were allowed to use in the US

The use of genetically modified animals for food for the first time approved by the US FDA Office of the Food and Drug Administration (Food and Drug Administration, FDA), transfers «Interfax».

 Now in the US grocery stores may appear salmon that grows twice as fast as its conventional counterparts. The FDA statement said that the agency will not require a label genetically modified fish in the sale of special labels.

So-called "aqua-active" salmon (AquAdvantage), manufactured by AquaBounty, further added growth hormone chinook (a kind of salmon, Chinook salmon). A hormone to remain effective for a long time, also introduced the American eelpout gene (eel-like fish, ocean pout).

An ordinary salmon growth hormone is active only at certain times of the year. A new view of the same year and a half grows to a size which is grown in the traditional way the fish reach only to three years.

Opponents of genetically modified foods have long been speaking out against such experiments, calling the result "franken-fish". To the objections of activists listened in many major US retail chains, including Whole Foods, Trader Joe's and Target. In them it will be impossible to buy salmon.

The FDA claimed that the use of such fish is not harmful to health, and the production does not threaten the environment. Must be only females, besides, they are sterile, - the creators claim that almost all genetically modified fish are unable to reproduce.

At the same time cultivate a new type will not be in the United States, and Panama, and Canada, with only isolated tanks.

But opponents insist that AquAdvantage may still be in the wild, as well as some of them - let their interest and minimal - can reproduce, it is ultimately the disappearance of privёdet conventional salmon.

In addition, some consider the use of such fish as food unethical or fear of possible allergies.