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Scientists have grown artificial vocal cords in mice

Grow the vocal cords, which are able to make a sound, able to researchers from the University of Wisconsin in Madison.

 Development can help to restore a voice to people who have lost it due to damage to the vocal cords. The study is published in the journal Science Translational Medicine, communicate

The human voice, like the voices of other animals, generated mainly two vibration of the vocal cords. Each ligament is composed of a muscle, which are coated with mucous membranes. The structure of the vocal cords is arranged in such a manner that they are flexible enough to simultaneously to vibrate and strong enough to withstand hundreds per second clamping.

To grow something similar, the researchers have identified the cells of the mucosa of the vocal cords of a dead donor and four patients larynx removed for medical reasons. Cells were grown in three-dimensional collagen framework. Two weeks later, they formed a fabric with a flexible but strong connective and epithelial layer below the top layer. Proteomic analysis showed that a set of proteins synthesized by these cells, largely coincides with a set of vocal chords normal cells.

To test whether grown vocal cords to produce sounds, the researchers used a cut throat dogs that are quite similar to human. Larynx were connected artificial trachea, through which passed the warm moist air. The vocal cords to produce sounds, and high-speed photography showed that they vibrate as real. Of course, the sound was not very similar to the human voice as resonating structures of the pharynx, mouth and nose missing, but it was the same as the normal sound of the larynx in the same conditions.

Scientists have shown that the fabric obtained are not rejected when transplanting modified mice that have an immune system similar to the human. This research opens up the possibility of a new approach to the restoration of voting. Most vocal cords removed due to cancer or other injuries they receive, and effective method of recovery is not there.