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Specialists from Germany have created a unique material that can fasten bones. The material is capable of self-healing and bone formation.

Researchers from China have created a new gel that treats and lays teeth, as well as self-restoring tooth enamel.

Scientists have thought for years that happiness may have a real effect on physical health, but a comprehensive new review makes the case stronger than ever.

Unexpected results suggest the relationship between male sex hormones and oral. The unique discovery was published in the American Journal of Physical Anthropology.

Tablets, laptops and smart phones are gradually replacing paper notebooks on the margins of history, but recent studies American psychologists have shown that writing by hand - it is useful for our brains.

The world's largest animal cloning factory, including dogs, cows and horses, to be built in Tianjin, writes «Russian gazett».


Grow the vocal cords, which are able to make a sound, able to researchers from the University of Wisconsin in Madison.

The use of genetically modified animals for food for the first time approved by the US FDA Office of the Food and Drug Administration (Food and Drug Administration, FDA), transfers «Interfax».

American scientists have demonstrated a new way of distilling alcohol & ndash; by light. It requires less energy than distillation.

Dental breakout. Created by reducing tooth enamel gel. Scientists have discovered a protein that is released in the early stages of formation of the enamel.