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Department's history

     In 1958 by the Ministry of Higher Education USSR № 904 sanitation department of the Odessa Medical Institute was reorganized into the Faculty of Dentistry. By September 1960 were formed and began to operate three special departments of the faculty: Department of Preventive Dentistry - Head MD A.I.Marchenko, Department of Surgical Dentistry - MD G.I. Semenchenko, prosthodontics department headed by chief medical colonel district dental clinic V.I. Kulazhenko. Department of Surgical Dentistry was established in September 1960 at the Clinic of Maxillofacial Surgery Odessa Research Institute of Dental and regional clinical dental clinic. Its leader from 1960 to 1991 was Honored Scientist of Ukraine professor Grigory Semenchenko (1914-1996).

     The teaching staff was formed by practicing doctors, medical residents and graduate students. Under the guidance of Professor G.I.Semenchenko began intensive work on development of professional clinical, operational and pedagogical skills. Since the main focus of the department of research is to study the problems of congenital and acquired defects and deformations of maxillofacial region.

     Systematic, consistent and comprehensive study of one of the most important and difficult problems reconstructive surgery revealed a number of previously unknown functional disturbances and organic nature not only in the defect, but in some organs and systems in these patients. The results helped to justify the number of new methods of surgical treatment, optimal timing and sequence of the age of the birth of his complete medical and social rehabilitation.

     Resolving these issues was reflected in a number of dissertation work performed by the department and graduate students, PhD (1964) and doctoral dissertation (1982) V.I.Vakulenko, PhD (1986) and doctoral dissertation (2004) A.H.Hulyuka , theses V.O.Lukyanenko (1964), L.Ya.Derebalyuk (1966) H.H.Kryklyas (1966) A.F.Kovalenka (1967), A.N.Levkovycha (1967), B. Ya.Kolomeychuka (1968) I.S.Kopika (1969), Chang Kuei Hai (1982) and Nguyen Dinh Chan (1987) (Vietnam) P.A.Lozenka (1988), Khalil Abdul Karim (1989) (Syria) Ye.D.Babova (1992) A.M.Pasechnyk (1998) N.S.Oleynyk (2003) V.H.Kryklyasa (2005) H.O.Asmolovoyi (2007), H .B.Dmytriyevoyi (2007).

     Besides the main problem, the team developed the department and other relevant issues surgical dentistry. To improve the diagnosis and treatment of inflammatory diseases of the maxillofacial region, the following theses: I.K.Shyrokov (1966), M.N.Marchenko (1966), B.H.Holubom (1975), V.V.Mulkevychem (1981), A.Zhytkovoyu G. (1983), Sheikh Ali Hussein (1989) (Syria); A.N.Lytvynenko tumors (1965) V.A.Mironyuk (1965), Sami Radwan Hassan (1972), V.I.Lunhu (2002), diseases of the salivary glands: A.D.Chulakom (1983) and doctoral thesis A.F.Kovalenko (1982); general anesthesia in surgical dentistry L.T.Leheydoy (1968) A.H.Kryvoplyasom (1975) Traumatology of the maxillofacial area: O.O.Farenyukom (2003) O.O.Atanasovym (2004), Jafar Malek ( Palestine) (2004) V.V.Parasochkinoyu (2004).

     Important role in the formation of the Department of Surgical Dentistry and other dental chairs OSMedU, IS Sciences of Ukraine, as well as other medical universities performed scientific student circle chair. Of the members of the group were 7 MD, professors, led OSMedU Department and other universities, about 20 defended their dissertations. From 1960 to 1991 the department was headed Doctor of Medical Sciences, professor Semenchenko G.I. In 1949 he defended his thesis on "ankylosis temporal-mandibular joint and its treatment," in 1958 - a doctoral "Osteomyelitis of the mandible in experiment and clinic."

     After 1991 the Department of Surgical Dentistry students led by Professor H.I.Semenchenko: the 1998 Associate Professor G. Kryklyas (PhD thesis on "bone grafting alveolar bone and plastic upper lip in congenital cleft face" was protected in 1966 ), and from 1998 - MD Professor A.H.Hulyuk (PhD thesis on "Prediction and prevention of early postoperative complications uranoplastyky", defended in 1986, doctoral - "Pathogenic substantiation methods staged surgical treatment of children with congenital cleft lip and palate," protected in 2004 .). Under the guidance of prof. G.I.Semenchenko protected by the department, and graduate students pursuing doctoral theses 9 and 56 candidates (including 5 foreign nationals from Egypt, Vietnam, Syria). Under the guidance of prof. A.H.Hulyuka protected by the department, and graduate students pursuing a master's 8 (2 of them - foreign citizens from Bulgaria and Palestine), continues to work on their dissertations 6.

     The Department prepared 6 Masters, 23 residents, 25 graduate students published 3 books, 2 manuals, 24 guidelines and circulars, more than 700 scientific articles in books and journals received 33 invention certificates and patents.

     DEPARTMENT ADDRESS: 65026 Odessa, 11 Rishelyevska st, State Institute of Dentistry Medical Sciences, Department of Surgical Dentistry, phone: +38 (093) 711-75-22.

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