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The deterioration of ecological conditions of the South of Ukraine for last decade is one of the main reasons for augmentation of inborn defects and deformities frequency in children.

Investigations on the frequency of these children's birth rate, carried out at our clinic, have demonstrated the augmentation of this index almost twice for last 10 years. For instance, the birth­rate of children with congenital cleft lip and palate in Odessa for the period of 1958-1962 years put together 1:958 newborn childs, in 1987-1991 years -1:560, and in 1992-1994 years -1:531. Children with inborn pathology are in need of a long complex multistepped treatment including some surgical operations on upper lip and palate, preventive measures and removal of jams deformities, speech-training etc. Realisation of these logically correlated medical measures is possible only under the conditions of a special profilized center. Up to 70 % of patients, earlier operated at other medical establishments, are in need of complex repeated reconstructive and corrective operations, that makes difficult social and medical rehabilitation of this group of patients considerably. Besides, the number of children with inborn and acquired pathology gills arcs of development is also rapidly growing.

The staff of Dental Surgery Department of Odessa medical University and maxillo-facial surgery clinic of Odessa Research Dental Institute (ORDI) have accumulated much experience in realization of restorative and reconstructive treatment of the patients with different congenital and acquired abnormalities in this region for more than 30 years. Original methods of surgical reconstruction of upper lip and palate, residual and secondary upper lip and nose deformations, excessive growth and underdevelopment of upper and lower jaws, TMJ ankylosis, have been worked out for this period of time. These worked out methods of treatment were protected by author's certificates and patents, and gained acknowledgement in all Ukraine's regions, at many clinics of Russia, CIS and foreign countries.

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